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About the ITI Italian Network

What is ITI?

ITI is the Institute of Translation & Interpreting, a professional association of translators and interpreters, with an international membership, based in the UK. The Institute promotes high standards of professional excellence in those fields in which the services of specialist linguists are required.

What are ITI Networks?

ITI Networks are groups of ITI members working in the same language or group of languages, or in the same subject areas. Within Networks, members obtain mutual support, pool information and arrange further training in their specialist fields.

Qualifications: A Guide ...

Members of the Italian Network are highly qualified people with a wealth of experience. Below is a guide to some of the abbreviations used to describe their qualifications:

Member/Fellow of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting
Fellow, Member, Associate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists


All those listed in the directory on this website are professional translators and interpreters working into and from the languages stated.

The subject expertise shown is that claimed by the members of the Network themselves and has not necessarily been examined by the Institute of Translation & Interpreting.

For this reason, inclusion on this site does not in any way constitute a recommendation. In the unlikely event of your having cause to complain about the standard of a member's work, please notify ITI, which will take up the matter on your behalf.

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