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The practice of exhibiting to the society specimens of diseased structure, would soon lead drugs to the formation of a cabinet of morbid anatomy.

Best - it has the Virtues of the Juice, Eflence, and DecoUion, befides which it is good againH the Hinging or biting of any Venomous Creature, Hopping the farther fpreading of the Poyfon, and in a fhort time curing the fick. On the Diseases, Injuries, and Malformations of the discount Rectum and XXVIII. Hia face was of pale, surface of body pupils were slightly contracted but regular.


There is, however, very good reason to expect that if a female, labouring under inversion, passes that period of life when the menstrual flow usually ceases, we may expect a cessation of the hemorrhages and probably also of the other sero-mucous discharges, which hitherto had kept her weak and miserable.

It in permits the free passage of air from the windpipe to each lung. Two hours after taking the powder, a bolus of calomel, scamraony, counter and gamboge, is to be administered.

Medication - the more concentrated the alcohol the sooner and the more severely is the liver affected. The online seeds yield a bland fixed oil, called gingilic oil. If well organized and in health, we are in a condition to be comfortable, prosperous, and useful; "treatment" but if our organization be defective or unsound, the reverse is true. De the die in diem, from day to Dieb. In for the latter cases the operation should be declined. Nearly all replied to these letters, and the information thus collated is now being used in an effort to obtain definite conclusions (cost).

Preceding medicine the first appearance of the menses, girls usually feel aching in the back, pains in tlie limbs, chilliness, and general languor. Whether the median incision into the urethra be the best for removal of tumours in all cases we are not now anxious to show: its superiority over others for purposes of diagnosis we venture to think none would question, and we would recommend that in any case where list a tumor of the bladder is reasonably suspected, and where other means of e.xamination have not demonstrated that it is unsuitable for removal, the bladder should be explored by To be copied into the practitioner's note-book: Inhalation of five to ten drops of amyl nitrite will break up the chill of malarial fever; so will the hypodermic injection of one-si.xth of a grain of muriate of pilocarpine. Its growth during this time has been somewhat rx phenomenal. Mr Jackson's mode of investigating the symptoms and pathological phenomena is by what dysfunction has been called the numeiical system, and is attributed to M.