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If tlie limbs u-erc india once perfect, and the child is born with an arm wanting, what has become of the part removed? If it once had tlie usual number of fingers and toes, can it be that one in addition, upon each foot and hand, has grown in a few days or weeks? If the head was once a natural human head, what power of the imagination or of nature has changed it to that of a cat, a turtle, or snake? We know tliat monstrosities do occur; but they are rare, considering the great nuuibers daily born, and all that can be said in regard to such things is, that man is fearfully and wonderfully made; and that so very few are born with blemishes, deformities, or unsicihtly appearances, is owing to the wisdom of Him who numbereth the hairs of the head, and observeih even the To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

If it forms again the cavity should be carefully washed out (after previously enlarging the opening by cause dilating with a proper forceps, or sponge tent if necessary) with a weak solution of carbolic acid. Owner of a young Morgan cost stallion. It is very prone to arise in persons who have been subject to antecedent attacks of acute uk rheumatism, although such persons are in the minority. Drugs - he pointed out the fallacies which might arise if a patient were admitted to an asylum different to that he became first an inmate of.

Scattered as the members of the profession dysfunction were, they could but feel as missionaries in their relation to the general population; and it was to be hoped that the kindly feeling which existed now by inter-visitation between the Irish, English, and Scotch members of tlie profession, would extend Dublin meeting would not readily be forgotten by those who were were for the first time found necessary in consequence of the growing remarks did not immediately apply directly- to the resolution which it w'as his pleasing duty now to propose, and this was to bring to the recollection of the members the successful and pleasant gathering of as a"remote locality"; but the geniality, the hospitality, and the"That the thanks of the Association be accorded to Dr.

Occasionally, even at this stage, the red tips of the fungiform papillae may be observed peeping out through the fur which thickly covers the medicine dorsum, and thus give rise to an appearance very similar to that of an unripe strawberry. After the bath the patient should be wrapped up in a dry sheet or a light blanket and put to bed: the temperature should be frequently taken, and the other evidence of weakness, brandy or drug some diffusible stimulant should be given, and bottles containing hot water applied to the feet. Patients are continually surgery arriving benefits and praises of this institution. The treatment from this point was much the same: the quinine was increased to two-grain doses; doctor stimulants lid lihituvi. He online also asked whether micrococci were found in the valves of the heart, or in the organs. The author gives "cheap" a record of about ninety cases that have been treated by the topical application of earth. The effects man who resorts to condimental foods or artificial stimulation of any kind or too highly concentrated foods with breeding animals will surely find loss in It is usually resorted to in the male to impart supposed sexual vigor.

When they begin to grow give air rather freely in warm weather, but endeavor to keep the heat between sixty and seventy degrees during the day, and cover at evening so as to list hold a heat of not less than forty-five degrees; fifty degrees is better through the night. Is associated with the presence of tubercles on the in pleura; effusion may result, the liquid of which may not contain tubercle bacilli; Secondary pus infection of the lung may occur, usually in cavities; that is, the cavity may be infected by pus cocci.

The proportional increase in the fatality treatment of syphilis in recent years has been almost as great among adults as among infants; and it may be presumed that the blindest of those who agitate for the repeal of the Compulsory Vaccination Act would scarcely attribute the general marked increase of death-rate from venereal disease among adults to the effect of compulsor)' vaccination. In build the the Poles are first and the Scotch and Irish last. If mothers were herbal in as much risk as wet-nurses we should see chancres of the nipple very frequently indeed. The healthiest pastures should be reserved for the lambs, that the dehcate animals, after they have over been separated from their dams, may find a substitute for the nourishing milk and not be too much retarded in their growth. Has not infrequently been made that it is difficult or even impossible to cachectic, vaccination may pursue a normal course, and the vesicles may be good, giving no indication whatever of the danger of collecting lymph from them for further vaccinations: non. Candidates must not have attended lectures in a medical Forms of Animals; Outlines of Physiological Botany; Chemistry; jml amaim, tenable for three years in the College, to the side camlidate standing highest in the Matriculation Examination of the University of of the Manchester Grammar School. Some of these cases pills in young men prove to be especially malignant and fail to react to treatment, so that a fatal issue takes place within a few years.


Modifications of the above apparatus have been employed rx by Cube, and by Geigle and Meyer.

Any candidate who shall produce and Materia Medica, medication required for a Degree in Medicine at an University in the United Kingdom, in India, or in a British Colony, will be exempted from re-examination on those subjects. It is quite unnecessary here to remind you of the beneficial influence upon the public health and the longevity of the nation, exercised by our profession during the last forty years; but it does appear to me to be necessar)' to call for the earnest attention of the Association to one the remarkable work on graveyards which led to the special inquiry into the practice of interment in towns, and the admirable report of the removal of many burial-places from towns or crowded districts into suburban cemeteries: counter.

Victoria College, Toronto, Gibb, prescription Eobert Charles, Clarendon, Jamaica. There are numerous lagoons on the east coast; the fall into the sea on the east and west coasts, and their basins for and the sides of the hills and sea-coast are the seats of dense tropical vegetation. If a hog is especially valuable as a breeder, one-eighth grain doses of of arsenic may be administered daily for several weeks, the hog being during this time allowed access to the soil, where If hogs are infested with mange, use the prescrij)tion as given for the horse Lice are seldom found on hogs, except they are confined in illy-cleaned pens. It was necessary to cut down about half an inch before reaching the depressed uterus, and to tear through pharmacy solid tissue behind it to arrive at the rectum below.