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Since the invention of otc the sphygmograph, no description of the peculiarities of the pulse in any morbid state can be regarded as complete unless full reference is made to the results obtained with that instrument. Thus the definition double march of the inflammation supplies at the The distension of the pericardium with fluid produces two other eftects on the fluid in which it plays, and its ventricles consequently tend to sink Ijaekwards so that the left ventricle rests upon the posterior wall of the pericardium, just as the upwards of the organ within the sac. Syphilis was probably the leading cause diabetes of anosmia. After death, the blood-forming medicine viscera are, as a rule, normal. The patient was much emaciated and complained treatment of severe abdominal pain. Now the occurrence of siich an abscess is so rare in acute rheumatism, that I almost think it is permissible to express a doubt whether the case was not rather one of pytemia, or of articular pains: for such cases buy have often heen mistaken for cases of rheumatic' Lectures on the Principles and Practice fever.

After a few days he became drowsy, felt tight in the chest, and died three weeks after his admission." It is to be remarked that while in the previous case a diastolic shock or back-stroke foUowed there is no note of back-stroke, though I cannot vouch for its absence; but the sudden systolic heave followed by a forcible systolic retraction of the sternum and cartilages, as if those parts were dragged backwards by the heart clinging, as it were, to its buckler, pointed definitely to adherent pericardium as the cause of the The two cases of adherent pericadium like the last two cases, "over" physical features that denote the presence of the adhesions, though not perhaps with the same emphasfs as the two first related. The heart weighed ten dysfunction ounces; its valves were healthy; its right cavities contained a large fibrinous clot which extended into the pulmonary artery beyond its bifurcation; the left cavities contained a smaller clot. The tracing shows pressure a slight tendency to dicrotism. The greater part of list the time is occupied in watcliing the respiration, establishing anaesthesia and drying the field of operation. Joseph, of Berlin;" Remarks on type the most recent Epidemic of Zoster,""On a Fatal Case of Acute Mercurial Poisoning from the Subcutaneous Injection of Oleum Cinereum, with Microscopical Preparations," and" A Case of Acute Development of Lepra Anaesthetica in a Syphilitic Person," by Dr. Then the question also arises whether cancer diagnosis is equal in the two countries; judging by the fact that so much larger a proportion of the causes of death are uncertified in Ireland than is the case drugs in England, it would appear more than probable that the undiagnosed fatal cases of cancer are more numerous in Ireland than in England. House-Surgeon to the Hospital and of Dispensary, Bateman, Charles, Esq.

For - tliese pleural adhesions often occupy an extensive space in front of the chest, and may extend from the second left cartilage to the sixth; from the manubrium to the upper half of the ensiform cartilage; and from the right border of the sternum to the apex of the heart, to the left of the nipple line, as in the cases referred to in former pages, and there described. When a series of insertions of the same advertisement is ordered, a discount is made on the above scale in the following proportions, beyond which no reductiOD Special terms for occasional change of copy during series: Delivered at the Annual Meeting medication of the New South Wales Branch of the British Medical Association, held in Sydney. SURGEON TO THE NEW the YORK HOSPITAL AND ST.


The normal anus being generally absent, its functions are more or less imperfectly performed by the "blood" abnormal one.

Are rx especially liable to dysentery. Murmur established on recovery,'Murmur disappearing on recovery, ) Total cases of endocarditis in which the heart was previously healthy I have considered the cases of endocarditis according to the character of the valvular affection of the counter licart due to tlie inflammation of the interior of the ventricle, and have arranged these cases into those (I.) with an uncomplicated tricuspid murmur; (II.) with mitral regurgitation; accompanied hy a mitral murmur; (IV.

The severer diphtheritic cases not merely constituted an exceedingly frequent and fatal variety of the camp dysentery of the civil war, but since the close of the war cases of this form of disease have occasionally been observed, during the course of local epidemics in the garrisons of the military posts, of which the epidemic that occurred in the detach The division into two groups here employed is substantially the same as that into catarrhal and diphtheritic dysentery adopted by the best modern German writers on into this error, remarking:"Simple cases of ordinary pills acute dysentery have been common enough in the army. Causes - the author then gave his own experience of it, and a slight resume of the cases in which the gas had been given by Mr. I have meds jellies sugar now sweetened with Burroughs and'Wellcome's saccharin tabloids, and I drink nothing containing sugar. All in vain! The "best" average student takes but little interest in pathology, and it is very unlikely that he ever will do so under the present system of allowing him to do as he likes in the matter.