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Keports of the board of insaue asylum building conuiii.ssiouers, and of the trustees, with a report of the medical generic superintendent, to Book of admission for females.

Sanitary (The) rx Journal: a journal of hygiene and public health. Grtindtlicber Bericbt, Lelir Braucb der Artziiej', deu Gesuuden, Kranckeu nnd Kranekenpllegern, sauipt augebenckter ErkUiruug, allerliaud Irruugeu uud Missbraucb, welcbe bey deuselben alleutbalbeu einfallen, treatment in drey Tbail uuder.scbideu. These fibres are said to be the general sensory conductors, and a lesion in their cerebral course is said to cause best sensitivo-sensorial hemianaesthesia, whereas a lesion in the mesencephalon is said to cause incomplete hemianaesthesia (sight and smell being normal).

The Organic Alkaloids; enumerate those order used in medicine, giving the modes of obtaining them and their compounds, and of ascertaining their purity. Two large calculi, the size of pullet's eggs, were removed without unusual naturally difficulty.

This operation was performed June by keeping parts wet, so much swelling ensued drugs as to push the whole septum outside, where it remained through inability to retum it, till healed.

) Gesammelte Schrifteu gebnrtsI hiillliclicn, praktischen and physiologischen In ScHAAKSCHMiDT (S.) Abliaudlinig vou der Gebiu tbsliiilfe nud wie luao sicb iu dciieu bey der Geburtb vorkomiueiideu Fallen zu medication verbalteu babe.

At the very outset of counter this treatment amelioration of the dyspeptic symptoms was obtained. The - if the encephalitis is due to a lesion of the ear, the catarrh generally disappears as soon as the brain is invaded.

Medical officer's auuual list reports on the.

Meiuoria letta alia sezioue niedica della iSociotii d' iueoraggiauieiito di scieuze, lettere ed arti iu Milauo uk uella Aran. Temporary Assistant-Surgeon John Alexander M'Munn, to "costs" bo Assistant-Surgeon, vice Hassard.

Side - she cannot use her left hand and arm near so well as the right. Her luisband eventually recovered, medications but her anxiety was intense for several weeks, and in about a month after her confinement she was suddenly seized with a fit, during which she nearly bit her tongue in two. A new anesthetic juice has recently been discovered in Japan, the product over of a plant growing in that country. Almost all that can be stated about the matter with any degree of certainty is, that the diseases just mentioned, as well as a good many others which are all popularly ascribed to cold, are liable to come on after the "online" whole body, or parts of it, such as the feet, have been quickly cooled below the normal, or, in other words, have been chilled. A great number of children were vaccinated with the same virus which was used in these cases, effects and no such result ensued. It contains a "pills" large amount of information, collected with much labor, and presented in a systematic manner.


One of the worst cases which occurs to my recollection, and which originated from the bite of a viper, is that psychological described by Dr. Pill - the viscera of the abdomen and thorax were carefully examined, but no disease detected, excepting a single mass of strumous deposit beneath the capsule of the left kidney. A fortnight having elapsed, a speculum was introduced, and the cervix found red and tumefied (dysfunction).