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Why join us?

If you want to network with fellow Italian translators, ask about and discuss translation, get access to specialist courses and resources specifically for Italian translators, or even organise to meet up at Italian-themed events in the real world, then the Italian Network is the place for you.

Since our members live throughout the UK and Italy, with some even scattered around "the rest of the world", we found that a virtual community provided the best way of staying in touch with equal opportunity for everyone.

We run a variety of discussion forums, arrange small, informal meetups in Italy and UK, discuss Italian books in a private book group, run the odd translation-themed web event and deliver bespoke translation and creative writing courses, as well as a mentoring programme, for our members.

We all speak Italian and English so both languages are used in our virtual community.

Interested in joining us?

The network is primarily for members of ITI but non-ITI guests with proven experience in Italian translation and willing to share their experience and skills with other members, are also welcome.

Subscription costs 12 a year.

Click here to apply: How to Join

Olive Grove north of Capena
Olive Grove north of Capena     © Russ Willey 2012