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Why join us?

  • our e-group on Yahoo! is a friendly, supportive community and offers expert help with tricky terminology and other translation issues
  • professional development events
  • social events, including meals out and visits to exhibitions

The network is organised by our members on a voluntary basis - the more you contribute, the more you are likely to get out of membership. We are always delighted to receive suggestions for new events from members – particularly if you offer to get involved in organising them.

Most of our members live in the London area, but others live throughout the UK, Italy and elsewhere. All of us know both Italian and English, so we use both languages.

Interested in joining us?

You must be a member of ITI to join the ITI Italian Network (Student and Associate members are welcome). For further information see the ITI website.

Once you are an ITI member, you can join us for only £12/year.

Click here to apply: How to Join

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Click on the Log-in tab above and enter your username and password (which is different from your password for the main ITI website). If you can't remember them, send us an email:

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Renew your subscription

Preferred method

Bank transfer / standing order

This is the only payment method we accept from members in the UK.

1. Please pay your subscription for the current year (2015-2016) by making an immediate one-off payment by bank transfer to the following account:

Account Name: ITI Italian Network
Account number: 65224423
Sort code: 08-92-99

2. Please set up an annual standing order to pay your future subscriptions at the start of July each year. Payment of £12 to be made on or near 1st July each year starting from 1st July 2016. Your bank will need the following details:

Account Name: ITI Italian Network
Account number: 65224423
Sort code: 08-92-99


Outside the UK


We only accept Paypal payments from members outside the UK who do not have a UK bank account.

If you live outside the UK and need to avoid excessive bank charges, click the "Buy Now" button (Annual Subscription is £12.00):

Subscription Renewal

We would prefer you to pay by annual standing order if possible, as our network is run by volunteers, and Paypal charge for this service.



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