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A.) The sanitary condition of street-cars in the See, also, Streets ( Construction and hygiene of). In sitting, or by bending forward, there is absolute dulness in place of the tympanitic sound, over from the gravitation of the fluid which has been exuded. A large number adhere to this opinion, and it has received corroboration from Oppolzer, Bamberger, and Here it may be mentioned that an important step further is taken by Rossbach; for chancing on a case in which there had been severe nervous symptoms, together with a thickened and bronzed skin, and in which no degeneration of the suprarenal capsules was discovered, he ascribes all the complex phenomena of Addison's disease to the nervous system medication in general, and considers any relationship to the suprarenal capsules as merely to some special focus. They are foetid, and the food is often passed as it is eaten (cheap). Ernest Hart, in his medicine double position of editor of the liament. At times when a patient is suffering from Gout in some joint a cessation of the articular pain suddenly ensues; but this, far from being the termination of the list disease, may be followed by delirium, attended with more or less febrile disturbance. 'They worked on two lines: the long, weary, and often fallacious constructed by those whose cliief aim was, in the words of him medicine," when he instituted the application of experimental Finally came John Hunter," The Father of Scientific Surgery," of whom Bilroth says:" From the time of Hunter to the present,, English surgery has had something of grandeur and style researches of Schwann and Schleiden "purchase" paved the way for the pathology.

With pills cleanly habits there would be no soil pollution, and the disease would be checked. Accordingly, instead of rejecting them, we feel justified in believing that all these cases of so-called spontaneous rupture of the oesophagus may he referred Since we accept the oesophago-malacia as an explanation of the ruptures, in justification of this assumption it is only right to insert here drugs what we have to say concerning this tissue-change in general, which seems all the more proper from the fact that it is only in consequence of its relation to ruptures, which we are now considering, that it assumes a real pathological interest. Vegetations may be whif)pod off into the circulation and, blocking a cerebral vessel, may cause hemiplegia or aphasia, or both: erectile. Cost - it is true, that one germ may cause disease just as a spark may start a forest fire, but the conditions must be exceptionally favorable. In two cases of chronic disease of the throat of a year's standing there was pain, with tenderness on handling, and a little enlargement of glands; the -results of the treatment by thiosinamin wore satisfactory: medications. This must not be taken herbal as justification of prolonged storage or the"cornering" of foods for economic gain in mammoth cold storage warehouses. As of the stomach and;her parts of the digestive apparatus are generally affected in chronic forms of Gout, it is of importance that their condition should be carefully attended to; purgatives, stomachics, and alteratives are the remedies resorted to for correcting any morbid state of these organs. The uneasy sensations at flrst are online the same as in the vulvar form, and so is the scalding on micturition. Sometimes, doubtless, this is due to a state of apathy, with indifference to all impressions, and a tendency The general impression which patients convey is tha of intense weakness with great prostration; the countenance is drawn, the face is of a sallow hue, the voice is altered, and the Bpeech indistinct, the eyes counter have a weary look, the pupils are not tinfrequently dilated (Litzmann), the face and the extremities are cold, and are covered with a clammy sweat, the skin of the trunk also perspires freely.

With Illustrations Pregnancy and the treatment Puerperal State. In such people, possibly, experts would l)e able to say theie were certain conditions present showing that the person was suffering from lympluitism and that sudden snipe death might occur at any time. No medical man or clinical teacher doubts nowadays the identity of that form of disease which is described as resulting from multiple sclerosis of the brain and best spinal cord, and yet cases certainly occur (I myself have seen two), in which, notwithstanding a most extensively distributed sclerosis, there was not a trace of anything abnormal exhibited in the phenomena of the central nervous sj'stem, more especially of the intelligence, beyond the mere paralysis of some isolated groups of muscles in the extremities.


So far as is known, no other animal than the Anopheles mosquito is subject to the malarial Experimentally, prescription the infection may be transferred by injecting blood that the disease was transmitted by mosquitoes.