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ITI Italian Network

We are a group of professional translators and interpreters who translate from or into Italian. Our network is part of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

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For an expert, accurate translation, you need a specialist professional translator.

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Translators work with written texts. They usually translate only into their mother tongue. Drawing on years of experience, in addition to qualifications, they often specialise in one or more particular types of work, such as medical, business, legal, sailing, cookery or wine translations.

Depending on what you need, our members can provide a translation that:

  • is good enough to publish
  • helps to sell your product or service and boost your company's image
  • will help to resolve problems with medical treatment or insurance in a foreign country
  • is clear and accurate enough to win (or avoid) a court case
  • shows you exactly what something means
  • is in perfect English or Italian


If you're giving a speech, holding an important meeting or coping with a difficult situation in a foreign country you need a trained, experienced interpreter.

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A professional interpreter is accurate and free from bias and can:

  • tell your listeners exactly what you mean
  • tell you just what they are saying
  • ensure you receive (or give) the appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment
  • prevent miscarriages of justice
  • help to build good working relationships
  • play a major role in achieving a positive outcome

Interpreters usually work in both directions, e.g. from Italian into English and from English into Italian.


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